Usain Bolt Running Spikes

Let’s have a look at the Usain Bolt running spikes. There aren’t too many people involved in any kind of sport that doesn’t know who Usain Bolt is.

He’s transformed track and field and propelled it into the spotlight to the forefront of everyone’s attention.

With attention like that it’s a brands dream, which PUMA Profited hugely from.

After the Beijing Olympics PUMA then started working with Usain Bolt to design and create the perfect pair of sprint spikes. Luckily, for us, we get to profit from this partnership and purchase our very own Usain Bolt sprint spikes.

Let’s Take a Look At The Usain Bolt Running Spikes

Usain Bolt blast onto the scene in 2008 (Although dominated as a junior athlete as well), And ever since then We’ve had the option of purchasing the puma spikes, we’ve seen Usain Bolt wearing on his way to victory and world records.


Bolt evoSPEED Electric Legacy Spike Shoes

Usain Bolt Running Spikes

I have used puma sprints spikes for a good few years now, and the spike plate has sent changed At all in that time. From what I can remember it stayed roughly the same since 2008 when Usain Bolt first burst onto To the scene in the Beijing Olympics.

But don’t be fooled just because The spike plate hasn’t changed at all. The rest of the shoe has gone through huge changes from the fit of the shoe, the weight and the finish.


The Bolt evoSPEED Electric Legacy Spikes Are narrower than previous versions of this spike. Which I think to the greater masses will make for a more comfortable fit.


As you can probably guess the spikes are built for sprinters ranging from the 60m up to the 400m. As the shoe offers fantastic support around the foot they are also great for hurdles. That’s for both her all disciplines the Sprint and the 400m hurdles.


The price point for the spikes of around what you will be paying for Nike and Adidas flagship spikes. But with the  Puma Bolt evoSPEED Electric Legacy Spikes You have the added reassurance of them being designed and used by one of the greatest athletes to ever grace track and field, Usain Bolt.

Puma Evospeed Disc 3

Usain Bolt Sprint Spikes

Puma Evospeed Disc 3 I covered in some detail within my best sprint spikes article. Because of that, I’m Going to cover everything here otherwise I’ll just be repeating myself.

One thing you will notice across all of the puma spikes are the spike plates (The sole of the shoe). They are pretty much exactly the same on every single pair of running shoes in the sprint events. This is because the plate was constructed and made for Usain Bolt. So if you’re after Usain Bolt running shoes there would be no reason for Puma to change anything.


The noticeable difference from the Puma Evospeed Disc 3 to the Bolt EvoSPEED Electric Legacy Spikes, As shown above, is the tightening mechanism of the actual shoe itself.

As the name gives it away the Evospeed Disc 3 Utilises the disk technology puma has created to tighten the shoe. This isn’t it just a gimmick, As using the disk will give you a consistent pressure around your foot to hold it in place.


You’ve probably guessed by now that as these are Usain Bolt running spikes, they are for the sprint events once again.

Usain Bolt Running Spikes Conclusion

Puma really did strike gold when Usain Bolt started breaking world record after world record & taking countless Olympic titles.

All the time wearing puma running spikes.

Usain Bolt might not be competing anymore, but with the Puma Bolt evoSPEED Electric Legacy Spikes you can still buy the very spikes he wore during all his success.

Before Usain Bolt Puma was not at the forefront of everyone minds when you thought about sprint spikes.

Most of the time people would only think about Adidas or Nike. But, that all shifted once Usain Bolt changed the sprint game.

Now Puma is making some of the best sprint spikes on the market today. Not only at the high-end price point. But also with the cheaper sprint spikes available.

The one thing that attracts me to the modern Puma Usain Bolt running spikes is the wide scope of events you can cover.

Some spikes are only really suited for the 60m to 100m range, but the Puma spikes you can feel comfortable wearing from 60m all the way up to 400m hurdles and everything in between.

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