Best Sprint Spikes

If you’ve found yourself on this page, then it’s more than likely you are looking to get the best sprint spikes available. If you find yourself in the same position as many other athletes, then the likelihood is you can’t decide on which spikes to get because of the wide variety available.

So what I’m going to do is break it down into manageable chunks so you can find the best track spikes for sprinting.

Everyone tends to have a preference when it comes to brands. You find athletes staying with the same manufacturer for many seasons. This is because once an athlete finds a spike, they like and are comfortable running in, why change something that works.

best sprint spikes

Here are the Best Sprint Spikes in 2020

1.  Nike Superfly Elite

Nike has been at the top of most athletes lists when it comes to finding yourself a pair of sprint spikes. There is a good reason for this as over the years Nike have produced well-made, durable & excellent performing spikes.

The latest edition of the Nike Superfly Elite pushes back the boundaries of technology. The honeycomb spike plate not only provides excellent support for the athlete’s foot, But they are also incredibly light. Because of this design, Nike can strengthen sections of the spike plate by adjusting the size of the holes.

The upper is made from a mesh synthetic material, which wraps around your foot, giving you the feeling of gentle even pressure. It holds your foot nicely and stops any movement when you’re sprinting flat out round the bend.

First thing you noticed when putting the Superfly Elite spikes on is the response, and how bouncy and light they feel.

Another thing I like about the spikes is how versatile they are, allowing to compete in all of the Sprint events, ranging from 60m up to 400m, including the hurdles.

2. Adidas Adizero Finesse

Very lightweight spike for sprinters who are after maximum support while offering great performance.

The Adizero Finesse has a slightly less aggressive spike plate compared to the accelerator. This will suit the longer distance sprinters like 200m400m as the shoe doesn’t hold the foot in position and allows for more movement which intern will be more comfortable.

These spikes are comfortable to run in and feel very springy, which is precisely the feeling you want before a race. Even if the advantage is purely psychological, that could be the difference between winning and losing a competition.

The upper part of the shoe is a synthetic material which allows flexion, so the foot doesn’t feel clamped down in the shoe. While the heel of the shoe is made out of a material mesh, which is extremely lightweight and still offers excellent support for the foot. In wet conditions, if you’re wearing socks, they will absorb more water due to the mesh at the back of the shoe allowing in more water than other spikes. But not something to overly worry about.

For a more in-depth look at the Adidas Adizero Finesse review.

3. New Balance Vazee Verge

Many athletes have forgotten about New Balance, but over the last few years, they have been making great inroads into the track world again.

A few world-class athletes are being sponsored by New Balance now, which was a significant factor in their ever-growing popularity.

But the other reason is that they do make great running spikes. The breathable lightweight upper is made from a seamless synthetic. It hugs your foot, giving you a nice supportive and comfortable feeling.

With 8 pins in the spike plate, you have never-ending grip even in the harshest of conditions. Putting any sprinters mind to rest when driving hard out the blocks at the start of the race.

Overall the shoe is very durable, making them perfect for other sprint races like the hurdles. The reason I say this is because while you’re hurdling, you do tend to hit the hurdles with your spikes. If you don’t have spikes which are durable and can withstand the punishment, then the lifespan will be very short.

4. Nike Zoom 400

Very similar to the Nike Superfly Elite spikes. You wouldn’t be totally out of place if you confuse the two. The material which comprises the upper part is made exactly the same. Along with the spike plate, It differs only with the amount of and padding

The reason why Nike has added this padding is that the Nike Zoon 400 is better suited towards the longer sprints. Where having an aggressive formation and forcing your foot into the sprinting position isn’t as necessary.

5. PUMA Evospeed Sprint 10

Puma sprint spikes were thrust into the limelight when Usain Bolt set his blistering world record at the Beijing Olympics.

Let’s take a look at the latest pair of running spikes from Puma. With Puma’s compression-moulded EVA midsole It designed for maximum performance and reducing the weight of the overall shoe.

Unlike a lot of the other sprint spikes available today the plate doesn’t run the entire length of the shoe. By having a padded material on the heel of the shoe, it increases comfort and also grips while walking. Allowing you to spend for a more considerable amount of time in the shoe compared with other spikes.

Do you have 8 6mm spikes in each shoe, Strategically placed to optimise grip during the running stride.

Puma has also thought about Women’s sprint spikes by offering two colours.

6. Adidas adizero Prime

A Fantastic all-round sprint spike whether you’re running 60m or 400m hurdles. The incredibly thin spike plate gives a precise & unique feeling while striking the floor.

I’ve also found it hard sometimes to find a pair of spikes which feel comfortable running round the bend at speed. The Adidas Adizero Prime is pretty much the best in the business, which is a huge plus for most sprinters.

They are so well balanced you get the support from the shoe in the drive phase. What I mean by this is the plate doesn’t feel like its bending too much under the power you’re generating when transferring it to the floor.

But they are also comfortable while running at speed, so you’ll have no problem running the longer sprints like 400m. Comfort is sometimes a trade-off when looking for a pair of spikes which can handle the drive phase.

You see some people running the hurdles in these spikes, but it can be painful when clipping the hurdle because the upper part of the shoe doesn’t have that much material between the hurdle and your foot. So something to think about if you’re a sprint hurdler who often hits the barriers.

7. ASICS Hyper Sprint 7

As you can see from the picture, Asics have certainly created yet another pair of spikes which will catch the attention of most athletes to walk past on the track.

I found these spikes do mould to your feet, and before long it will feel like you aren’t wearing any spikes at all.

Whether or not it is the 100m, 200m, or the sprint hurdles. The Asics Hyper Sprint 7 is superb for high-level sprinters in search of a high-performance shoe for quick times on the track.

The sturdy Pebax Plate gives a fantastic platform for building pace from the gun. The removable 6-pin spikes configuration is positioned to enable the sprinter to maximise the start, drive and the top end of their race.

The shape-fitting upper of the Hyper Sprint has a lightweight but supportive synthetic leather-based material for enhanced control when running the bend.

Do sprinters need spikes?

In nearly every single case sprinters who wear spikes run faster times. This is because sprints bikes are designed for maximum efficiency and allow the sprinter to exert maximum force into the track.

How much do running spikes cost?

The price of running spikes can vary a lot depending on the manufacturer who makes them. As you can imagine most of the time, you will be spending more to get a pair of Adidas or Nike running spikes. On average, running spikes cost around £40-80.

Do spikes make you run faster?

Spikes do make you run faster in comparison to trainers or running flats. They are designed to give you more grip at the start of the race, And they also weigh considerably less than trainers.


With so many sprint spikes around these days. It’s never been harder to choose from a long list of available spikes. I’m hoping by going through this list it will help you decide on your next pair of running spikes.

For me, the best overall package including cost, durability, performance & all-round capability. Many athletes have to run varying sprint distances, So having a pair of spikes which enables you to compete in two or three other events will be much better value for money.


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