Best 800m Spikes You Can Buy in 2023

800m spikes

The 800m is fast being seen as more of a sprint event these days than a middle-distance event. So it can become confusing when searching for the best 800m spikes.

The 800m is arguably the hardest event in track & field. It’s the pinnacle of speed endurance. Many people will see this event as just another running event, but due to the speed and many different ways of running it, it’s unbelievably technical as well.

World record holder from the 2012 Olympic games David Radisha has helped push the 800m to one of the main events in any track & field event.

What Are The Best 800m Spikes in 2023?

Nike Air Zoom Victory

The release of Nike’s new spike plates has generated a lot of buzz, with many people praising the shoes for their Zoom Air unit that creates a sensation of speed. However, some individuals have reported that the shoes feel a bit too bouncy during their initial wear.

The combination of Nike ZoomX foam, Zoom Air unit, and carbon plate is lethal. The foam provides responsiveness and durability, while the Zoom Air unit guarantees a soft landing and energy return. The carbon plate helps maintain the shoes’ lightweight and stability.

The Nike Air Zoom Victory has aggressive propulsion thanks to the Air ZoomX. This addition provides a tiny bit of weight to the shoe but makes it easier for the runner to propel themselves forward.

Adidas Adizero Avanti

The spike plate of the Adidas Avanti has material that offers high energy returns.

The technology was developed to help reduce fatigue while you’re running around the track.

The spike plate is also home to 4 pins for grip, which might not sound enough, but because the 800m doesn’t require a powerful drive out phase.

Because of the number of extra strides taken, having more spikes will cause more friction there to slow the athlete down.

The Avanti is unbelievably light weighing in at a staggering 4.9 oz for a size 9 shoe. This is will be an excellent option for any athlete looking to upgrade to a lightweight racing spike.


The upper is made from a Sprint Web Microfiber synthetic material that fits around the foot like a glove while holding the foot in the position needed for a perfect push off each time.

Spike Plate

The spike plate is flexible and allows the foot to move for a wide range of movements; it’s a good mix of comfortable cushioning with added support. Adidas has been using the “boost” material on the underside of most of their spikes and trainers for a while now. You can find the same material here on the Avanti.

Many people have come accustomed to seeing the Boost technology and recognising it with brilliant comfort and a fantastic return of energy. I’m glad to see this used here on the Adidas Avanti.

Adidas Adizero Ambition

The Adizero Ambition running shoes from Adidas are designed to maximize speed, making them perfect for mid-distance running and steeplechase. The combination of a lightweight textile upper and aggressive spike plate enhances performance, while the ventilated mesh and Lightstrike Pro cushioning provide comfort and responsiveness. Made with 25% recycled content, these eco-friendly shoes help reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing.

The internal wishbone plate ensures stride efficiency, and the Adizero technology empowers athletes to surpass limits. However, the shoes’ specialized design may not cater to everyone’s preferences or broader usage.

Overall, the Adizero Ambition running shoes offer impressive performance and sustainability, making them an excellent choice for environmentally conscious mid-distance runners.

Adidas Distancestar

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You don’t need to hold the Adidas Distancestar for very long before you realise these spikes have been designed explicitly for running distances on the track.

They are more of an all-around distance spike. I mean by this, you can wear the Adidas Distancestar and feel comfortable doing so from distances ranging from 400m all the way up to 10,000m.


The Upper is made from an extremely lightweight breathable mesh. Around the toes, the mesh made been reinforced to give added protection. The trade-off from having the upper part of the spikes made from mostly a mesh material is the protection from moisture. If it rains, your feet are going to get wet.

But don’t forget these spikes are designed to drain water out from the shoe, so if you are caught in a sudden downpour during warm-up, there is a good chance they will dry out before you set foot on the start line.

Spike Plate

Made from an EVA foam that runs along the entire length of the shoe. It helps limit the fatigue some athletes can feel when running repetitions on the track.

I know a few athletes who use the Adidas Distancestar who are nursing shin & knee injuries, because of the vastly reduced impact from the track.


Because of the style of the spike plate and durability of the mesh upper, it equates to an unbelievably comfortable spike. I would go as far to say, it’s the most comfortable spike I’ve ever worn.

Nike Zoom Victory 3


Nike released the Zoom Victory before the Rio Olympic games, so there is a good chance you’ve seen many athletes running in these spikes since then.

The Nike Zoom Victory 3 is a very lightweight, racing track spike. The mesh material aids with the breathability & and flexibility of the overshoe. But one thing you have to look out for is durability.

Nike has somehow managed to make the Victory 3 weigh only 3.5 ounces, but despite being such lightweight, the shoe has excellent flexion and a return of energy from the track.


The downside of the spikes, due to Nike managing such unbelievable minimal overall weight is the durability. Everything about these spikes is thin, which includes the upper. The repetitive nature of running middle distance means they won’t last too long before you need to look for some replacements.

Spike Plate

As you can imagine, Nike’s spikes have great responsiveness, and the Nike Zoom Victory 3 is no different here. Every aspect of the shoe is designed for offering the best performance available, and the spike plate is the most critical part, so getting this right is imperative.

To keep the low weight and provide the support and stability which Olympic runners require. The spike plate’s midsole is made from lightweight foam material, which results in a low amount of cushioning to the extent it almost feels like you’re running barefoot.

If your funds will allow you to go and buy these spikes a few times each year, then great. You’re going to get a superb pair of spikes.

But if you’ll be wanting to wear the Nike Zoom Victory 3 for training and racing and expect them to last the entire year, you’ll end up feeling shortchanged.

The spike plate has the prominent Nike webbed design, which has been present in a lot of their track spikes over the last few years.

ASICS Hyper MD 7

The Asics Hyper MD 7 I think is the best looking middle distance spike on the market today. This year’s colours are black with the white logo running along the side of the shoe, which does add to the stealth factor of these spikes.


The upper is made from a reinforced mesh. It’s durable and does offer some ventilation, but due to the reinforced nature, the Hyper HD 7 does have more protection to the elements than most of the other spikes I’ve listed in this post.

Spike Plate

On the heel of the spikes, you’ll see there is a nice EVA wedge, to offer support, and covered in rubber material to give added traction on the track. The forefront of the spikes is a PV plate which is home to the spikes to provide the athlete track and responsive feedback from the surface of the track when sprinting for the finishing line.


With the mono mesh upper and cushioned heel’s construction, the Asics Hyper MD 7 is comfortable to wear. I found if you are wearing these for many reps of a training session, then it’s likely you will feel some fatigue in your feet. But this is normal for middle-distance spikes designed to give the athlete support around the foot in the sprinting position.

Nike Zoom 400

The Nike Zoom 400 spikes could also be used for the 800m although many people will be considering these as out and out sprint spikes compared to very best middle distance spikes that I’ve listed above.

You could, in theory, use them for racing over 800m. I wouldn’t advise wearing them for training, as the added pressure on your calf muscles may be a little too much.


Made from a Flyweave upper, it’s lightweight with flexible support. The anatomical construction makes for the perfect fit around your foot. This means there will be no slipping and rubbing when you’re putting the spikes through the paces.

Spike Plate

Phylon lives in the midsole of the shoe. With a thin, compression molded spike plate, it keeps the shoe from feeling heavy with minimal ground clearance. But still delivering excellent impact protection.

What Size Spikes For 800m?

Finding the best size of spikes for the 800m can be tough one, but I think the perfect size spikes for running the 800m will be 6mm.

They’re not too long so it won’t cause added friction, and therefore slowing you up throughout the entire race like you might find the case being if you were wearing 6mm for 10,000 metres.

As the 800m does require you to sprint hard for parts of the race the 6mm spikes, will keep your mind at rest knowing you have the traction when needed.

Can You Use 800m Spikes For Cross Country?

Sure why not. If you do have cross-country in mind when choosing a pair of spikes the 800m. Then you will be best to go for a pair which has a solid spike plate from the front to the back.

You won’t feel any stones or twigs in the unprotected middle cut out of the shoe. As you’ll also be covering more distance, the solids spike plate will offer greater protection and support.

Conclusion Of The Best 800m Spikes

As I come to the end of this blog post about the Best 800m spikes you can see there is a vast range to choose from. As I’ve said in other posts, When selecting a pair of spikes for a particular event, in this case, the 800m it does depend on what type of runner you are.

If you’re coming from more of a sprint round example if you moved up from 400m. Then you’ll be best looking at the Adidas adizero MD and the Asics Hyper MD 7.

The reason for this is because they are designed very similarly to sprint spikes, so the feedback and response you get from the track won’t be too dissimilar to watch I used to.

And if you’re a long distance athlete moving down to the 800m, then spikes like the Adidas Avanti & Distancestar I’ll probably your best starting spikes to look at.

A pair of spikes, which sit happily in the middle of all of the spikes I’ve just named are the Nike zoom victory 3.

The Victory 3 Still do have a solid, supportive spike plate from front or back, but they hold the foot in a way that it doesn’t feel too different to a pair of sprint spikes when needed.

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