Average 100m Time: See how your time compares

The Average 100m time for all age groups is 14 seconds. Running this time for 100m means you will be running at 24km/h (15mph).

average 100m time

The 100m has been the blue ribboned event within track and field and has arguably been the most eagerly anticipated event in any track and field meeting. Interest is that much more significant than any other event because you find out who the fastest is.

There are many different variants of the average 100m as it can change depending on the age and standard you’re running at. In this blog post, I will be going through all the different standards and groups, so you can drill down to precisely what average time you’re aiming for.

Average 100m time by age


100m time for elite sprinters

The average elite sprinters will cover the 100m in 10.5 seconds for the men & 11.4 seconds for the women.

Is 11 seconds fast for 100m?

11 seconds for the 100m is considered fast, as many athletes who train regularly will aim for this barrier to beat. Many fail, some succeed, but you can call yourself an excellent sprinter if you’re running under 11 seconds for the 100m.

How the Average time has gotten quicker

At the Olympics, you have the best of the best. Therefore the average time for a sprinter over 100 m at the Olympics is considerably faster than all the other categories. The event has improved dramatically over the decades, and you can see this just by the winning time. The men’s time has gone from 12 seconds in 1896 to 9.6 seconds in 2012. Many factors contribute to the big difference in time, which is the logical improvements for the spikes and track. Back in 1896, the athletes were running on a cinder track. It was much slower to run on than the tartan track we see today. The reason it’s slower is that you don’t get the same response and spring from the floor while you are running.

With the improvement of science in that time and a better understanding of the human body, athletes today can train much harder and recover much quicker due to nutrition and training equipment.

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