Nike Air Zoom Maxfly Review

Today we’re going to review the Nike Air Zoom Maxfly sprint spikes. These are the latest and greatest sprint spikes produced by Nike, which have taken the world by storm and many news headlines.

The first thing you’ll notice for many athletes is the price tag. They are expensive, but considering the amount of cutting-edge technology used to develop these spikes and the response you get while running makes the price tag justifiable.

Nike Air Zoom Maxfly Review

The Spike Plate

The most recognisable feature of these sprint spikes is the spike plate, so let’s look at the zoom unit as it’s called.

The zoom unit comprises a few sections that we’ll go over and point out the advantages and why they have been used.

First off, the ultralight firm red foam houses the Carbon fibre fly plate. It runs from the very back of the foot to the midsole, where it stops to make room for the compression chamber.

Nike Air Zoom Maxfly Spike Plate

Nike has created a cushion section right underneath the ball of your feet. It provides an awful lot of response from the floor when you’re running, giving you the feeling of being a loaded spring shooting down the track.

Before trying them on, I was sceptical at first, thinking they couldn’t make that much difference. But the overall feel and bounce you get while running is quite remarkable.

The spike plate overall is reasonably flexible. I mean that the shoe bends more than most while performing such actions as the drive phase.

I lean towards more flexible spike plates as I find them more comfortable than rigid ones. But that is something to consider if you are coming from a pair of sprint spikes that are more aggressive and hold your feet in a specific position.

The Upper

Zoom Flyweave

Nike has just paved the way with the spike plate when it comes to pushing back the boundaries of what is possible for sprint spikes. The fly weave upper moulds and forms to your foot, creating a snug fit and limiting any unwanted movement but allowing great flexibility for your foot to move in the required position when sprinting.


The overall performance of the spikes is something quite remarkable. The old saying of being on cloud nine has just become a step closer with these spikes. You feel like you have a lot of spring in your stride whenever you wear them.

Zoom Maxfly yellow padded

Nike has done a tremendous job here in terms of using technology to enhance performance on the track.

The Nike Air zoom Max flies are incredibly light and can easily be used for all sprint events, including hurdles.


Having only been on the market for around a year, they are pretty new and haven’t had extensive time to test their durability.

But I have known a few people who have had problems with the yellow compression cushion in the spike plate. Where it has deflated meaning on one shoe, the spike plate is noticeably thinner than the other.

So before making the purchase and spending all that money, definitely check that returns policy from the shop you are buying them from.

Some things to consider

A few things to consider before you purchase the Nike Air Maxfly are the price. Coming in at £160 as I write this review, They are one of the most expensive pairs of spikes you can buy. As I said above, I believe that the price tag is justified due to the feeling you get on the track while you’re wearing them.

Conclusion of the Nike Air Zoom Maxfly Review

Nike Air Zoom Maxfly

Overall, the Nike Air Zoom Maxfly is a cracking pair of spikes and, I think, the best on the market for sprints.

If you can justify the price, I think these will be the spikes for you. The advantages far outweigh the negatives, and you’ve only got to look at some of the performances of the athletes who have been wearing them this year. You have to question whether some of that can be attributed to the spikes.